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Our yurts are unique.  Your event will be unique too.  We understand this and encourage our customers to let their imagination run wild.  If you’ve got an idea, we’ll do our best to make it happen so please feel free to ask as many questions as you like. Want to set up a projector and be the first to create the "Cinema Yurt"? We're keen.

We also offer discounted rates for fundraisers and charity events. If this is you, please let us know when you contact us for a quote.

A few points to get you started:

  • We have two sizes of yurt available: two x 9m diameter and one x 7m diameter. Please make sure that your intended site has sufficient room, a 9m diameter circle may be bigger than you think!

  • The colour of our yurts can vary depending on the size of the yurt - currently our 7m yurt is a sandy green colour and our two 9m yurts are white and white/grey (white walls grey roof). If you would like to select a specific colour make sure to let us know in the form below!

  • Each yurt has two doors, located opposite each other. If the yurt circle was a clock face, the doors would be at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock respectively. These doors must be located opposite each other and cannot be moved once the yurt is up.

  • Yurts are groovy and curvy. Flat ground is nice but a few slopes and curves won't bother the yurt, they flex to take up those bumps and tree roots! ...Within reason, of course...

  • The canvas wall sections can be added or removed depending on the weather. Leave a wall off to make the most of a view and hang it up if the wind picks up. Too hot? Hitch up the yurt's skirts or take 'em off all together. Our yurts don't mind showing a bit of leg...

  • Yurts love being dressed up. If you've got some flare for interior design, the yurts are a great blank canvas. With the frame and poles easy to access you can hang fabric and lighting features to your heart's content.

  • We can do sound too. If you've got live music or DJ lined up, or you just want a simple PA and mic for speeches or stand-up comedy, let us know and, depending on availability of gear, we can hire you a PA with a sound engineer if required.


When pricing an event, we use these base prices as a starting point.  We try to be as specific as possible with our pricing and treat each hiring as unique. 

- 7m = $800
- 9m = $900

 This includes yurt hiring for up to 3 days. The cost of a longer hiring is calculated on a case by case basis. We also offer "bundle" prices if you hire more than one yurt. Details below.


Due to the unique design of yurts they must be set up and packed down by our own team at a time that best suits you. If the occasion requires an earlier setup to allow for decorating, etc., this can be arranged. Set up takes approximately 1.5 - 2.5+ hrs (depending on yurt size and the number of decorations etc).


  • Hand made boho bunting  

    • 1 set (enough for 1 yurt) = $35, 2 sets = $65, 3 sets = $90, 4 sets = $110

  • Fairy lights

    • 100m = $30, 200m = $60, 300m = $85, 400m = $100

  • Persian style rugs

    • 5 rugs = $30, 10 rugs = $45

  • Festoon lights (approx 10m)

    • 1 set = $20, 2 sets = $40, 3 sets = $50, 4 sets = $65, 5 sets = $80, 6 sets = $90

  • Rustic Easel and Chalk Sign = $25

    *If you would like us to decorate the yurt/s there will be an added cost based on what you hire. For example: to decorate 1 yurt with 1 x bunting, 1 x fairy lights and 1 x festoon lights it would be approximately $70.

travel & Transport

There is a travel and transport fee of 70 cents per kilometre (2x return trips) for set up locations outside of Devonport and surrounding towns.

This fee will be a MAXIMUM of $600*, even if the travel distance is longer.  Even if your event is waaaaaay out in the sticks, we'd still like to bring a yurt to you!

For example:
- 25km = $70
- 50km = $140
- 100km = $280

*Maximum fee is for one yurt. Multiple yurts may incur added costs. Enquire below for a quote!


If you would like to hire multiple yurts we offer the following discounted base rates:
- 7m + 9m = $1550
- 9m + 9m = $1700
- 7m + 9m + 9m = $2400

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